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We have recently introduced this page to help you select your favourite plant in less time and zero complexity. We have segrigated each and every aspect of aquatic plants wrt its colours, managing issues and lots more.


Largest Collection

We, aquadcoaqua, have our biggest collection of aquatic plants freshly harvested from reputed farms worldwide. From the tissue-cultured cups to submerged pots, rhizomes, moss, and what not !!


Aquatic ferns are basically rhizome plants, don't need soil and substrate to grow. It can be attached on any hardscape materials by moss cotton and aquascaping glue. Water hardness need to be low and temparature should be ambident. Best for beginners. Co2 and light requirements are low except some exotic species.


One of most beautiful addition to any tanks from aquarium to vivarium and paludarium. Different varieties depending on different textures and hardness.  Mosses are a great plant for fish fry or baby shrimp to hideout in. They can also help create a natural look in any aquarium. They can be attached via a fishing line or even super glue to small rocks or wood for a grown outlook.


Anubias are considered by many aquarists some of the easiest plants to maintain, since their light and nutrient requirements are very low and also because herbivorous fish will not eat it (with a few exceptions). Like the ferns the rhizomes of anubias can be attached to hardscapes. There are a no of varieties available in the section of anubias from broad leaf to micro leaf.

images - 2021-06-06T010403.560.jpeg

You can get almost every stem plants in this format. Depending on farming conditions they can be produced in bulk quantities in submerged and emerged forms.  The advantage of this type of plants is they come in very good quantity and survivability rate is high from new tank to stable tanks. 


An exotic addition to your tank. Several varieties with full of colours, textures and shapes. Doesn't need extra care to keep them apart from good light.  Numerous benefits of keeping them, better surface aeration, less chance of algae bloom due to high lights, small source of foods for fishes and lot more. Check out the different collection we have in our store.

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The purest form of aquatic plants. Free from any pests and bad bacteria.  They are produced in state-of-the-art labs collecting tissue from healthy plants foliage.  They are a little bit costly in comparison to the black pot plants and they are very sensitive to shipping. Our recommendation is try to collect tc pot plants from a local store or take it via railway. The greater the handling the fresher the pots will be and the better survivability rate.

 Plants Types 
Depending on Maintainance

 Plants Types 
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 Plants Types 
Depending on Colours

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