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Refund Policies



The following rules to be followed in the case of a refund

  1. No cancellation policy on livestock (plants fishes and all living creatures ) order. Once the order gets confirmed cant be changed or canceled. There there will not be any chance of refund issuing.

  2. Refund policies only would be valid for dry materials

  3. Refund will be applicable if and only if

  4. Damaged products received.

  5. Broken product received

  6. If a wrong product gets delivered then you have to issue a complaint and your product will be picked up by the concerned delivery agent within a stipulated time.

  7. If in certain cases, the inaccessibility of our delivery agent in certain pin code areas will result in a failed pickup. Then the customer 

  8. have to arrange the courier services to send back the product to us. All the courier expenses will be paid by aquadcoaqua itself.

  9. The return product package should be intact will all the billing papers and necessary documents concerned.

  10. If the product got delivered after the stipulated time of delivery then a certain cashback will be issued against the delayed parcel only on aquadcoaqua fulfillment products.

  11. Refunds will be given to the concerned account through the same gateway the money was received at the time of order confirmation.

  12. The refund process will be taken 25 working days to be completed.

  13. To avail the refund as the proof of broken/damaged product received the customer has to give us the product package opening video ( with the seal breaking and outer cover breaking part) with all the dates and times details. No edited video will be accepted.

  14. If we find that the product gets damaged by bad handling of third party courier we will launch a formal complaint in the customer care services of the concerned courier and will update about the conversation on regular basis.


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