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Shipping Process

Aquadcoaqua is improving constantly the shipping and delivery of products to the most efficient manner. As it is one of the main stages of e-commerce platform. Safe and sound delivery in minimum cost. We have divided our zone of operation and mode of operation around the globe in to following points.


  1. Zone of Service

We are delivering products not only all over Bengal (as we are situated in Nadia, Bengal) but all over the country. We maintain all the rules indicated by GST law and wildlife protection act 1972. We don’t violate any of them. The computer generated invoices and products details are mentioned on product boxes so it can be identified easily and monitored and tracked. 

About our services in Bengal, we have robust capabilities to serve all the hobbyist in the most efficient manner. We have so many options to get the delivery done in minimum time and charges.

   2.    Mode of transportation

          a. Courier services (applicable for all over India)

          b. Railway Services (applicable for bulk order and outstation delivery)

          c. Flight Cargo (small to big order volume and fast shipping)

          d. Logistics (Bulk dry material shipping)

          e. Delivery personals (local area delivery)

          f. Transport network (applicable for Kolkata, North 24 parganas, Hooghly, Burdwan, Purulia, Bankura)

          g. Shipping via bus (North Bengal Transportation mainly)

   3. Why choose so many options for delivery?


The product shipping depends on certain parameters like

           a. The time it takes

           b. The product handling

           c. The delivery promptness

           d. The charges

           e. The delivery location

           f. Nature of product

According to he hierarchy the most important point is the nature of the product whether it is dry or some livestock. If it is livestock the shipping needs ultimate care and precautions and it should take time as minimum as possible. For the shake of delicate nature of products (in case of livestock) the packaging has to be good , so the volumetric weight will be increased (which will attract more delivery charges). On the other hand certain cautions need not to be taken for dry products , it can be tightly packed ( to some extent ) and the time constraints won't be something to take care off. So we can use much more options of delivery than the livestock shipments.

Next the parameter come in to the picture is the way of product handling. Livestock has to be handled delicately , sensitive electronics materials, pumps etc should be handled with a caution of super fragile materials. certain dry materials are there like hardscape materials that can be handled in regular way.

The next parameter will be the delivery location. If the location will be in Bengal then we have to think of the region more precisely, we have option of transport network and local courier services.

For nationwide shipments we can use

             Flight cargo (sensitive livestocks and needs minimum time, charges will be high)

             Railway (plants and heavy dry products, moderate time taking process, charges will much lower compared to air                             cargo)

             Logistics (mainly dry products and which are not fragile and sensitive, rough handling, time taking but very low                                   charges)

             Courier (especially for small volume parcels, moderate time taking, costly (to some extent), option for home                                    delivery)

Time constraint is different associated with different mode of operation. the hierarchy will be


             Air Cargo - Railway - Surface Logistics

Delivery promptness is other thing needs to be cared about. like an example 

            a. for air cargo and railway delivery the second party has to collect the product from the airport and railway                            station respectively showing necessary credentials.

'           b. for surface transport logistics the shipment will arrive to the nearest base station of the delivery location. The                      second party have to collect from there in most of the cases.

            c. for our transport network (which is operational in certain region of Bengal only) the product will be delivered to                    the nearest landmark of the delivery location. Second party have to go and collect it from the transport car.

            d. in the case of courier services , which is applicable around the globe, is the most hassle free option but there                      are certain limitations rather we would say certain threshold limit of charges associated with the                                          respectivedelivery modes. Which will be explained in next part.

The charges will be discussed in later part.

     4. What to choose?

As explained the total process and the options are making the shipping process very complex but simple on the other way and cost effective. The delivery options need to be determined after thinking about all the above parameters according to the proper hierarchy.


     5. How courier services work?


Courier services determine parcel weights in two ways


              a. Actual Weight

                  the actual weight of parcel.

              b. Volumetric Weight

                  The determination equations as following = (volume calculated/5000)= volumetric weight

whichever is greater is taken for calculation.

The mode of services like surface, air, express services (fast shipping) and weight calculated will be evaluated finally for the determination of charges.

For high volumed product or for heavy weight products the charges will be very high. So we have to take some alternative methods.

     6. How our transport system works?

The mode of operation is now confined to Bengal region only. Very useful to ship heavy weight products. The charge will be determined by the delivery pin code. The products will be handed over to the second party (customers) at their nearest landmark. It takes only 12 hours to deliver. so bulk order of livestocks can also be delivered through them. Some back-draws are

         Door step delivery not possible

         Customer  has to take product from their nearest delivery landmark.

         Operational zone is small (some parts of Bengal only)

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