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Aquascaping is an art of designing and maintaining underwater nature in a glass cube.  Hardscaping elements, plants, fishes and essentials to maintain the natural stability  are some of the intangible parts of aquascaping, We are concentrating over the product quality rather than quantity, working with almost all world renowned brands associated.  Our specialised team  are working on to give you the best of best materials And most importantly  we use state of the art technologies and processes to maintain our inventory, storage and server driven delivery process all over India to bring a small piece of nature to your doorstep.

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" They understand hobbyist. Professional store with all variety range of products available. Mr Tanmay is helpful and will guide what all is required in a budget friendly way. They have indepth knowledge of planted tanks. worth visiting. "

Hammad Khan

Pia Sen



I am fond of fishkeeping since my childhood. It all started with fishes with artificial stones and plastic plants in a glass box, slowly and steadily i started studying how to keep them in the most natural environment in my room so that they get the exact piece of nature to grow up. The concept of the planted tank and aquascaping is not new, but modern technology making it easier and better for everyone. just we need to follow our basic understanding of science. The vibrant colors are the most attractive part of planted scapes for me and Now it is 3 years since i am in this hobby and business as well.

Tanmay Biswas



I am head of sales and technical arena of aquadcoaqua nature gallery. The concept of implementation of technology on nature for increasing and maintaining sustainability is the most fascinating part for me in this hobby. so most of my study and work related to future technological betterment in aquaculture.

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