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Hello everyone. Hope you are doing fantastic with your creative scaping. So here we are to make it simple, easy and more interesting. We are planning to have a collection of blogs with you guys so that from beginners to experts all can share their thoughts and expertise and that will help others in this beautiful journey of scaping. We are at the very initial stage and probably the first one to introduce blogs on eCommerce sites. It will not only help you to find a prominent solution to your queries but also that will be a supporting content for your implementing your ideas and sketches. 

So here are some simple terms and conditions for you guys to start the new chapter for aquadcoaqua and the hobbyists. Cooperate with us for making it bigger and better. For any queries and help you may directly reach to us or contact us on 9932532785 


  1. Typed content will be accepted as blog content. Typed format is recommended in specific formats as .txt, .docx, .doc, .pdf.

  2. The relevant images, graphs, or anything should be in computer aided format.

  3. (not any hand drawing or something) and it can be sent separately in the google form upload section.

  4. Aquadcoaqua has all the rights to select which blog will be uploaded on the site. The selection of the blogs will be dependent on the quality of content and other respective parameters. 

  5. Aquadcoaqua has the right to reject any piece of writing that they think is not relevant and drop it down from site at any moment of time without the consent of the author.

  6. The rights of the writings will be reserved for the authors only. Aquadcoaqua will not change or modify the writings in any way without the author's consent.

  7. The authors' names and details will be on our site with every associated blog.

  8. As per your contribution you will surely get some rewards from our side in form of discount coupons or amazing gift or something else relevanct to our work. The coupon amount will be decided by aquadcoaua itself.

  9. The authors can use the coupon amount to buy anything from . Every coupon will be associated with a proper timeline. Author should use it in that stipulated time only. 

  10. Authors can write about any product of any brand, and their specifications and pros and cons in the most constructive way. Aquadcoaqua will not show any bias on any brand in any way. On the other hand aquadcoaqua will not be responsible for any type of defamation or hates towards some brand specific products. If any violations of the terms and conditions of specific brands got reported then the blog will be downed without any prior notice.

  11. You should give images which are not comes under copyright for the blogs.

  12. Some plagiarism check will be done. And it should comes under 15% otherwise it wont be eligible for the display. Though if any content comes under copyright issue or plagiarism issue it will be downed with immediate effect.

  13. Every blogs will be going through extensive scrutiny before uploading to the site.

  14. Authors can write any no blogs as per their wishes. But that should be relevant, time specific and readers friendly.


For submitting your content you can drop us a mail at



Fulia, Nadia
West Bengal

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