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Productive POTASSIUM is a concentrate of buffered solution which supplements the need of potassium ions in aquatic plants. POTASSIUM(K+) is a key ion in plant physiology and due to it's mobile nature it depletes very quickly from the water column. So a stable input of potassium is recommended. Potassium deficiency may lead to stunted growth, smaller leaf area, less photosynthesis and oxygen production. To combat these deficiencies productive POTASSIUM is recommended to use. This product raises carbonate hardness in water and balances the buffer capacity and Carbon dioxide solubility in water. Aquarists using Reverse osmosis water or demineralised water should use this product. Aquarists using other sources of water having higher carbonate hardness, higher tds should use POTASSIUM FOR HARD WATER for better results. Productive POTASSIUM stabilizes pH of water, maintains carbon dioxide solubility and remove Ammonium ions from water. It doesn't contain Nitrogen and phosphorus and helps to control algae growth. WITH ADDED MAGNESIUM At 25°C - 1 pump (2.5 ml approximately) should be dosed in 100L of water every alternative days. 5 ml in 100L of water should be dosed after major water changes and for high plant load in an aquarium.

Tici POTASSIUM for softwater (Pro series)

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