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We are exclusively presenting our starter packages. The included items are listed below 

Variant 1 :


1. Super white glass tank (30*17*20cm) - Qty 1
2. Tank foam mat (30cm*20cm) - Qty 1
3. ADA super pour - Qty 1

4. Master Soil 3lt Pack - Qty 1

5. Spider wood (suitable for 1 ft tank) - Qty 1
6. Dragon stone (1kg) - Qty 1
7. Fireglow Only - Qty 1
8. Assorted Plants Pack - Qty 1

9. Gwa all-in-one plant fertilizer - Qty 1

10. B2N prime tweezer - Qty 1

11. B2N curved scissor - Qty 1


Assorted Plants Pack 
a. Java fern - Qty 3

b. Anubias nana - Qty 2
c. Anubias gold - Qty 1

d. Corymbosa compacta - Qty 1

e. Cryptocoryne spiralis green - Qty1

f.  Cryptocoryne Wendtii green/brown/axelrodi - Qty 1

g. sagittaria - Qty 50



Procedures for tank setup :


1. Please unpack everything and record a package opening video for future reference. 

2. Put the tank foam bed on a flat surface where you are going to setup the tank. 

3. Put the tank over the tank foam bed carefully.

4. After tank setup install the light with the proper clamp inside the package. 

5. Install the filter properly on one of the tank's side panels.

6. Open ADA super pour and spread it over the tank base. 
7. Wash the dragon stones and driftwood.
8. Set up your tank hardscape and then put soil. No need to wash soil before use.

9. Spray water on the soil so that you can plant easily.

10. Use the B2N aquascaping kits to complete the planting. In plant lists, a,b, and c plants need to be tied on wood or on stone. don't plant them in soil. these are rhizome plants. Burying the rhizomes in the soil will result in the plant's rot. 



For more info you may send us a mail on or reach us on whatsapp. 

Starter Go (All in one package)

  • Return and Refund Policy

    No return policy on plants. 

    On Dry materials please refer to the return and refund policy of the site.


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