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This very beautiful, fine-leaved Rotala was introduced with the label Rotala wallichii “Long Leaf”. However its identification as R. wallichii is not yet confirmed. Its exact origin is unknown; it probably comes from tropical Asia. Rotala sp. “Long Leaf” resembles much the classical Rotala wallichii, differing mainly by longer submerged leaves, as the trading name already expresses.

As well as Rotala wallichii, “Long Leaf” prefers rather soft water, good lighting, CO2 supply and regular, complete fertilization with macro and micronutrients. Strong lighting provides the best reddish coloration of the foliage. Under good conditions, the growth is quite fast; as other stem plants, this Rotala is easily propagated by cuttings.

Rotala sp. “Long Leaf” is a nice eyecatcher as a larger group in the midground to the background of not too small tanks. Because its shoots have a similar broadth as Rotala sp. “Vietnam” but rather resemble R. wallichii in coloration, this plant adds further nuance to the variety of texture and color of the fine-leaved Rotalas.

Also known as Rotala wallichii “Long Leaf”

Magnificent, fine-leaved stem plant

Resembling Rotala wallichii, but with longer leaves

Rare in trade



image source : tropica

      Rotala wallichii long leaf

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