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Rotala ramosior Florida is an attractive stem plant with small deep purple leaves and a green stem. The plant was collected from Florida, USA as its name suggests. It is demanding in terms of light and CO2 and is not suitable for low tech/non CO2 injected tanks.

Rotala ramosior Florida is a slower growing stem plant. Its moderate height gain and small size makes it ideal for midground/foreground placement in the tank.

Higher light levels give more intensely purple leaves. In lower light tanks with poor growth parameters the leaves will be greener or off colored. When grown well, its leaves are almost completely deep purple.

* High light (80 umols of PAR on substrate and above)

* High CO2 levels (better success rates >40ppm)

* Adequate calcium levels (better success rates >50ppm)

* Regular fertilization

Rotala Ramosior 'Florida' (TC)

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    Tc pots are very delicate.

    There are probability of shipping damages on tc pots. so try to take it from your local vendor as we are shipping pots to retailers all over india via air or railway in delicate manner with the help of temperature-controlled unit (which is not possible for small retail order). 


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