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A fern species that is best suited for large aquariums, has undulated leaves and grows very fast and is bright green in color

This Java fern variant was found in the beautiful spring pools near Krabi in southern Thailand. It occurs in these calcareous waters mostly under water. Years ago it was sold by Tropica as Microsorum pteropus "Undulata" but is also labeled as M. pteropus "Latifolia" by other companies. This Java fern features wavy, light green, quite broad leaves and a dense, bushy, spreading growth habit. It gets about 30 cm high but mostly stays lower.

Microsorum pteropus "Undulata" is as easy as normal, large Java fern. It grows not too slowly and develops many adventitious plantlets on older leaves. Moreover, it is easily propagated by splitting of the bushes. This fern doesn't need much light but grows best with at least medium lighting and complete macro and micronutrient supply. It can be tied to rock or wood or also fastened onto the ground. Its roots and rhizomes should not be planted into the substrate, otherwise they may rot.

The Wavy Java fern is a versatile plant for the greening of the hardscape, suitable for almost every aquarium. Its bushes may even be used free-floating in breeding tanks. Together with Cryptocoryne cordata var. siamensis and Vesicularia cf. montagnei "Krabi" it would be a matching plant for biotope tanks that are inspired by the spring ponds near Krabi.

Required lighting: Medium

Usage : Aquarium

Difficulty level : Easy

Growth rate : Medium

Substrate: Driftwood, stone

Microsorum Pteropus Karbi LC cup

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