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Benefits :

Fertilizer for ornamental aquarium plants, which contains all the micro nutrients necessary for a harmonious development

Provides an accelerated growth rate, similar to All In One Boost but with more control

Suitable for dutch tanks, with plenty of plants, and fast growth rate

Allows separate control in dosing micro to macronutrients

Compatible with all forms of aquatic life, including shrimp

Suitable for daily or weekly dosage

Contents :

MasterLine I contains all the necessary micro elements for the plants, in a single bottle: 0.21% Fe, 0.07% Mn, 0.05% Zn, 0.04% B, 0.009% Cu, 0.006% Mo

Dosage :

Daily: 1 ml per 30 liters

1 ml per 30 liters adds 0.07 ppm Fe

Recommendations :

For maximum results, use it together with MasterLine II and MasterLine Carbo

Avoid using UV lamps and if you really have to do it, dose 2 ml per 30 liters daily

Perform a weekly water change of 30-50%

Do not contaminate the solution with aquarium water

Do not ingest and keep out of reach of children and pets

Store at room temperature. Protect from light, heat and frost

For aquarium use only


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