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Benefits :

Fertilizer for ornamental aquarium plants, which contains all the necessary micro and macro nutrients

Provides a stronger color and a slow growth rate

Suitable for contest aquariums, aquariums with fewer plants or slow-growing plants

Determines the plants to feed more on the nutrients from the substrate, providing higher stability

Compatible with all forms of aquatic life, including shrimp

Suitable for daily or weekly dosage

One bottle, easy dosing, minimal investment

Contents :

MasterLine All In One Lean contains all the nutrients needed by the plants in one bottle: 0.41% N, 0.1% P, 2.4% K, 0.24% Mg, 0.14% Fe, 0.036% Mn, 0.023% Zn, 0.021% B, 0.005% Cu, 0.003% Mo


Daily: 1 ml per 30 liters

1 ml / 30 L = 0.6 ppm NO3, 0.1 ppm PO4, 0.8 ppm K, 0.08 ppm Mg, 0.045 ppm Fe

MASTERLINE All In One Lean/Soil (500 ml)

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