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Malaysian driftwood is probably what comes to mind when you think about adding wood to your aquarium. This is a very versatile aquascaping material that allows you to create a natural environment that your fish and plants will love.  Wrap the wood with moss, glue down some Anubias, or stick a clump of Buce onto it.  With so many different usages, you can truly let your imagination run wild.   

Driftwood can leech tannins which can cause a slight yellow or brown tint to your water.  This is natural and the effects will reduce over time.  Boiling the wood prior to use can decrease the tannins leeching.  

Malaysian driftwood is dense and generally does not float upon initial use.



Prolonged boiling recommended,boiling/soaking for 3-4 hours. You have to boil it for at least an 1 hour (maybe twice boiled and dump the tannin concentrated water midway both times). Afterwards, completely submerge the wood in a bucket with water, weighing it down with something i.e. a rock , heavy glass cup etc, until it doesn't float anymore when the weight is taken off.


High quality woods thats why long lasting at underwater.


Please Note: Malaysian Driftwood is a natural product and size and shape of each piece is unique and will vary. Dimensions will also vary slightly. Rinse thoroughly and soak in water to help reduce safe and natural release of organic acids that tint aquarium water.

Just as you would cure other natural structures (live rock, etc) before adding them to your aquarium, it is important to thoroughly soak driftwood prior to placement. This helps saturate the wood, loosen debris caught in the grain, and leach out tannic acids which would otherwise discolor your water. Tannic acid, while unsightly, won't harm your tank, but it will slightly lower your pH levels, a concern among some cichlid enthusiasts.

To avoid discoloring your water, soak your driftwood for as long as possible before placement. Total submersion for 1-2 weeks is recommended, since the tannic acids take that long to completely leach out of the dense wood. Boiling your driftwood in a large stock pot for 1-2 hours prior to soaking may help shorten the required cure time down to 48-72 hours. Only use dechlorinated or RO water, and scrub the wood with an algae brush to remove excess dirt. 

Monitor your soaking driftwood throughout the week, watching as the water darkens, and refresh the soak water every other day or so, until you no longer notice any discoloration for several days in a row. The driftwood is then ready for placement. 




Malaysian Driftwood

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    Driftwoods are completely natural products. The images depicted here are not the actual stock image. Real product will vary in shape and size. Follow our facebook page to get our recent stock images

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