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The Ista water plant fertiliser balls provide all essential nutrients to aquarium plants. They are placed in the substrate and provide all essential nutrients for plant growth.

These fertiliser balls are available in a box of 10, box of 20 and a tub of 50. Please select the required QTY from the drop down menu when ordering.

Each fertiliser ball will provide essential nutrients to aquarium plants for up to one year, and they contain trace elements to help plants grow and maintain chlorophyll.

These root tabs have no effect on water hardness and pH value, and they are phosphate and nitrate free. They are harmless to fish, and help to prevent algae growth in the aquarium.

Ista specialise in planted aquarium equipment and supplies, so you can be sure that these fertiliser balls are made to the highest possible quality.

Ista Aquatic Plant Root Fertilizer (One Piece)

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