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Small foreground plants for aquariums are in short supply, but Helanthium tenellum (= Echinodorus tenellus) is one of the best. The submerged leaves are very narrow and light-, middle-, olive-green to reddish. It differs from the always light green Helanthium tenellum “parvulum” by darker, often reddish coloration and narrower leaves. The runners spread round the aquarium. A true “lawn” effect appr. 5-10 cm tall is only achieved at high light intensities, so you must make sure larger plants do not overshadow the plant. Plant individual plants a couple of centimetres apart (easiest with tweezers). A nutritious bottom promotes growth

Helanthium Tenellum Red TC

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    No return coverage on live plant shipment 

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    Tc pots are very delicate.

    There are probability of shipping damages on tc pots. so try to take it from your local vendor as we are shipping pots to retailers all over india via air or railway in delicate manner with the help of temperature-controlled unit (which is not possible for small retail order). 


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