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Flame Moss (Taxiphyllum 'Flame') is known for the unique way it grows. Aquascapers love this moss because of its ability to enhance any tank with a sharp green hint of vegetation. Its peculiar appearance makes it one of the most popular mosses in the aquascaping hobby. Flame moss is regularly used as a decorative plant in aquariums. 

It’s also loved for its low maintenance requirements. In its natural habitat, Flame Moss will grow attached to bushes in slow-moving rivers.


Of course, it’s not called ‘Flame Moss” for no reason. This moss grows in a distinct upward twisting pattern when attached to driftwood or rock resulting in a flame-like appearance.

When compared to other mosses, the flames of this moss are a deeper green color. Flame Moss can become thick and somewhat bushy as well. 

Flame moss can be grown completely submerged or emersed. When emersed it will grow slowly and when submerged, it grows fairly fast and will glow a healthy green.

  • It is recommended to have this plant submerged so you can see this plant’s real potential.

Like other mosses, Flame Moss grows from rhizoids and can attach itself to hardscape quite easily. These rhizoids will serve to anchor the moss to hardscape and absorb the nutrients the plant needs.

You can purchase Flame Moss in golfball size, tissue culture, or on stainless steel.

When grown in a tank, the flames will reach about 3 - 4 in. vertically in a spiral.


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Flame Moss

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