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Enjoy the growth of epiphytes easily with Terra Base

So far, ADA has developed a product group for Aqua-Terrariums, which is to enjoy aquatic plant layouts in emerged environment, in parallel with the Nature Aquarium, under the DOOA brand. Its iconic products are System Terra 30 and Wabi-Kusa Wall 60 (now renamed Mizukusa Wall 60). Both are designed to grow epiphytes on the wall by using Wabi-Kusa Mats, and have played a role in proposing new ways of enjoying aquatic plants that are not limited to underwater. Only the emersed leaves of aquatic plants were initially used for the walls of Aqua-Terraiums. But later on, the land plants that also grow on walls, including some types of wild Begonias and small epiphytic orchids with attractive flowers and unique leaves, were introduced to the Aqua-Terrarium layout. Terra Base was developed to make it easier to enjoy growing these epiphytes. In a full-scale Aqua-Terrarium, it is necessary to use a special system to constantly run water on the wall and generate a mist to maintain humidity, but combining Terra Base with the corresponding Neo Glass Air, it is possible to cultivate epiphytes without using any electricity. Because Terra Base is made of unglazed pottery, the water filled in it will seep out little by little on the surface, and can supply moisture to epiphytes that are wound on the surface. In addition to that, the heat of evaporation of water from the surface suppresses the temperature rise, and random irregularities on the surface allow epiphytes to grow easily. Why not taste the atmosphere of the tropical cloud forest covered with epiphytes with Terra Base?

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DOOA Terra Base S

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