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Cryptocoryne is one of the genres of Most popular aquarium plants due to their undemanding nature and species variability. The appearance, color, shape, and size of the leaves can vary greatly depending on environmental conditions. Even individual species show great variability in appearance within their natural habitat (for example, in different rivers in the region). Similar behavior can be observed in the aquarium. The flower of the plant has the unique external characteristics that are used to identify the species.

The genus Cryptocoryne usually develops in emerged in its natural environment, preferring a substrate rich in silty and light nutrients, but can often grow with gravel or fine-grained sand as substrate. The Cryptocorynes they are generally not very demanding in terms of the conditions in which they are kept in the aquarium, which makes them the best option for aquariums without CO2 injection and low lighting. They prefer to receive nutrients from the substrate, developing better in aquariums with little fertilization.

Difficulty: Easy
Family: Araceae
Gender: Crytocoryne
From: Sri Lanka
Lighting: Low
Temperature: 18th- 30th
Growth: Slow
PH: 5.5 - 8.0
Hardness: 0 - 30
Co2: Optional

Cryptocoryne sp. 'Green Gecko'

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