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  • length : 2.5ft width : 1.5ft height : 2.5 ft


Beautiful Cabinet is one of the most fascinating parts of a beautiful aquascape. Aquadcoaqua is making the cabinets with the expertise of state-of-the-art machinery. The designs are chosen wisely to give the most elegant look to your scape and your room cumulatively. 


  • The measurements and designs are given with high precession machinery and experienced expertise.
  • all the amenities are highly durable. Because we are using high-quality woods which will not bend, rot or break over a long period of time tolerating high capacity loads.
  • The total body is made up of fresh woods and highly durable plywoods.
  • There are 3 years of extendable warranty. any type of distortion will be covered in our warranty period. The period can be extended on the monitoring of our experts.
  • All the cabinets are fully customizable. You can change the color or the design to your taste. we need minimum time to make it ready.
  • There is a minimum waiting time for customizable orders.
  • All the fixtures are transportable pan India. 





  • Wooden made
  • High Quality woods
  • 0.8mm sunmica pasting with high quality glue
  • Highly precession
  • rack for placing aquascaping tools
  • length : 2.5ft width : 1.5ft height : 2.5 ft
  • matte finish sunmica
  • Normal hinge
  • Double magnetic lock 


Cabinet (Alpha) 2.5*1.5*2.5

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  • Customization

    If you need any customized design of cabinets (except those which are listed on our site) with your choice of materials do mail us on or call us at +919932532785/+917586861277


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