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Bucephalandra “Black Ventii” Profile

• Difficulty: Easy
• Family: Araceae
• Gender: Bucephalandra
• Origin: Borneo
• Lighting: Low - Medium
• Temperature: 20nd - 28th
• Increase: Slow
• PH: 5.0 – 8.0
• Hardness: Almost anyone
• Co2: Optional

Characteristics of Bucephalandra "Black Ventii"

Bucephalandra She is relatively new to the hobby but is becoming increasingly popular. So it is still a little difficult to find some species. Due to their low requirements , they are a good choice for any planted aquarium or shrimp.

It can be kept both emerged and submerged, making it an excellent choice for aquariums, paludarios and terrariums alike.

Bucephalandras develop best on hard surfaces, attached to different types of wood or rock. It is not used to being planted in fine media such as sand.

To ensure good coloration, average lighting is recommended and add nutrients to the water column can be beneficial. Small amounts of CO2 and fertilizers can help the plant show attractive colors.

Bucephalandra Black Ventii

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