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Bolbitis heteroclita "difformis" is a small, fine tripinate -leaved form of B. heteroclita, originating from the Philippines widely known as Mini Bolbitis. This fern grows very slowly under water and grows best when cultivated as a terrestrial plant. This is more suitable to grow emerged in paludariums/terrariums/phytospheres etc & also suitable for moist & warm terrariums/ Vertical Gardens etc.

Growing Tips:
The best method to plant this is tying it on a piece of wood / rough stone /tree root with a dark cotton thread or fishing line to attach the plant until the roots holds the material & doesn’t appreciate being planted in the substrate in submersed condition & the rhizome should not buried in the substrate . Low light, low Co2 & very less nutrients are advised.


Common Name: Mini Bolbitis

Plant Use: Driftwood/Rock

Difficulty Level: Advanced

Light Demand: Low

Co2 Demand: Low

Fertilizer Demand: Low

Bolbitis Heteroclita Difformis LC cup

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