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Tillandsia Bulbosa is an air plant thats found in regions like Mexico, the United States, and Brazil. It frequents coastal areas, hammocks, and strands. The plant grows in dense masses on trees in thick forests, in mangrove thickets, and on lianas on along river shores. You will see them at sea level but they can also grow at elevations of up to 1300 meters. This species grows best in conditions where its exposed to bright filtered light, warm temperatures, and high humidity. They respond well to frequent watering and lower light levels compared to the Xeric varieties of air plant. The bulbosa Tillandsia resembles a sea creature, and would be a great compliment to a beach-themed air plant terrarium, nestled in a sea shell, or displayed just about anywhere! This unique-looking dark green air plant shows even more character as it grows, producing a bright red bloom and unusual pup clusters. Make sure when watering the bulbosa , to shake out any excess water from its base, as water left among its leaves can cause it to rot!

Tillandsia Ionantha Care : 

-Bright to moderate indirect light

-Water 2-3 times a week depending on environment and species

-Good air circulation

-Temperatures between 10-25 Celsius

Augustfame Air Plant- Tillandsia bulbosa giant clump

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