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Phyton-Git Sol, with added active ingredient, specializing in extermination of blue green algae.

The additives of ADA were developed to solve various problems that occur in the Nature Aquarium; Phyton-Git is used to control aquatic fern disease and exterminate algae, and ECA is used to deal with whitening of new leaf and color development of stemmed plant leaves, etc. These additives have been renewed, and they have become Additive Plus series. The Additive Plus Series is bottled in a newly-designed container, adding the active ingredients to each original additive solution to improve the effect. For example, Green Bacter Plus further enhances the growth of bacteria that works effectively in the filter tank, by adding minerals to organic acid, which is the key component of Green Bacter. In addition, by adding boron to the plant hormone derived from seaweed which is the active ingredient of Green Gain Plus, the growth promotion effect of new leaves of aquatic plants is further improved. This time, Phyton-Git Sol is a viscous type Phyton-Git Plus, specialized in extermination of blue green algae with improved bactericidal effect. Phyton-Git originally had an extermination effect of blue green algae, but Phyton-Git Sol is designed to maximize its effect.


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ADA Phyton Git Sol 100ml

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