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The Hygrophila pinnatifida sp. 'Uttarakannada' or commonly called Hygrophila pinnatifida sp. UK is a  new hygro pinnatifida that is highly decorative stem plant with unique pinnately lobed shape leaves and rich colors that can be attached on driftwood and rocks.  It has slightly longer leaves and slightly redder color compare to the regular Hygrophilla Pinnatifida.  The serrated edge of the leaf is also more pronounced and can be used to tie on to wood or rocks like a fern. 

  • Origin: India
  • Growth Rate: Medium
  • Height: 3-30+ cm
  • Light Demand: Medium
  • CO2: Medium 

Hygrophila pinnatifida ‘UK’

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    No return coverage on live plant shipment 

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    Still Water Aquatics

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  • Risk of shipping

    Tc pots are very delicate.

    There are probability of shipping damages on tc pots. so try to take it from your local vendor as we are shipping pots to retailers all over india via air or railway in delicate manner with the help of temperature-controlled unit (which is not possible for small retail order). 



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