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NA Water

Although tap water is clean water that has been filtered and sanitized with chlorine, the impurities in the tap water, such as residual chlorine and metal ions, are problematic for keeping aquatic organisms in it. NA Water is a water purification system that removes the residual chlorine and other impurities quickly. It produces purified water suitable for keeping the aquatic organisms. Anyone can make safe water for aquarium by connecting water outlet and hose.

* The Cation Filter (optional)turns tap water into soft water suitable for growing aquatic plants by lowering the total hardness (TH)of tap water.

○ Easy to use even for the first time.
Since NA Water has filters loaded at the time of shipment, it can be used easily by simply connecting it to a water supply with a hose (please prepare a pressure-resistant hose for water supply separately).

○ Two types of filters are included.
There is a possibility that tap water contains impurities such as iron rust, harmful substances such as chlorine residue, and germs. Two types of filters, Pre-Filter PP5 and Carbon Filter HD30, remove impurities and harmful substances efficiently.


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